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This article demonstrates my struggle fo find any OFFICIAL source of the results of the Spanish referendum on the draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (TCE [1])


The Spanish official sites on the referendum do not exist anymore, or either fail or fool you when one tries to get the official results :

-  The official link as given by the English wikipedia page for the Spanish referendum on the TCE : Official referendum results [2] this website does not exist anymore [3].

-  "The European Constitution" website from the CIDEL project [4], has a very complete page about the Spanish ratification of the ECT . It gives the official results [5], but the link to the official results is a broken link to a page citing a AFP [6] source.

-  Now, the official websites from the Government...


The Spanish authorities emphasise the possibility given to the popupaltion to have a say about the ratification on the website they dedicate to the ECT. But its page dedicated to the referendum and the ’online’ one are probably all you can find on the official websites about the referendum !


As largely mentionned in the Spanish referendum monitoring report, the lack of debate and real campaign made this referendum unfair according to international standards criterias.

But afterwards, nothing is done to improve this shouting lack of democracy in such a weighting country in Europe as Spain. Even the EU institutions are not so "prompt" to hide much thing about democracy [8], as the Eurobarometters remains available online, very often revealing the Union’s democratic problems.

One can now understand how embarrassing thoses figures are for the Spanish authorities, as mentionned in the wikipedia encyclopedia. Not much the great results than the shameful participation.

The propaganda from the Spanish authorities, barely hidden, is unacceptable regarding the democracy values of fairness and freedom.

PS : The official results of the Spanish referendum on the TCE have finally been made available online

[1] It is never to late to get the text of the ECT (any language) !

[2] Previously it was the -still- failing

[3] One could desesperately try out any other langage on the wikipedia

[4] "Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy in the EU"

[5] of course, one can still find in the press, but we are looking for the official sources

[6] The press agency "Agence France Press"

[7] It has now been updated

[8] eventhough they do about money, which is a democratic issue

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