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After my two requests for to update their webpage with true informations, they would just let me know that the competent person was... on holidays ! While they would have actually cleared their dishonest mentions away.

Finally, the European institutions recognize the official results of the French and Dutch referenda !

Indeed, I found on the Europa’s interactive map [1] dated of July 4th, that the French and Dutch results of their referendum were awaiting "to be officialy confirmed" or "to be confirmed later" [2].

I found it a shameful lack of respect from the EU institutions towards the millions of european citizens who expressed their voice democratically. Just because the outcome turned out to be a majority ’non’ and ’nee’ does not mean that the OFFICIAL results released by the French Constitutional Council and by the Dutch Kiesraad are not a sufficient proof of sovereignty.

This is why, thanks to the Europa direct "m@ilbox", I asked them to update their page either by suppressing these denying mentions, or by explaining what they meant (TCE p.197 Art.IV-443-4).

Indeed, the "oridnary revision procedure" article [3] mentions, under paragraph 4, that if at least 20 countries have ratified the draft TCE, whilst 25 are required [4], "the matter shall be referred to the European Council". Just as a recall, the European Council is not even yet an EU institution... Scary, when we look at how so few democratic the EU construction and institutions have already been !

"VICTORY !" was my first word on July 14th, the French National day, when I checked the page of the interactive map : the correction was made ! But considering it twice, article IV-443 just reminds us that an "ordinary revision procedure" for the EU institutions means that what can not be achieved by with the people will be implemented without it, "la routine" finally ! Victory then ?

Of course, they would neither mention such a minor update (by letting the Luxembourg’s contribution to the ratification being the last major update [5]), nor letting me know !

Indeed, after another robot’s notice (Reference Number : 2381621) that they would answer a.s.a.p. (as soon as possible), one would be glad to get a...

Out of Office AutoReply : Reference Number : 2371558 (Reply from EU ROPE DIRECT)

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Objet : Out of Office AutoReply : Reference Number : 2371558 (Reply from EU ROPE DIRECT
Date : Wed, 13 Jul 2005 00:41:30 +0200

« I am back to the office on Thursday, 14 July 2005 »

The work was done as soon as Mrs SCHMIDT had gone back from holidays...

(((I just received a robot’s notice from the competent person of Europa direct telling me that she was on holidays... trust me, I have been so glad to know it !)))

Yet another concern is the impossibility for the Spanish citizens to get the official results of their own referendum. Is there an underlying pretext that the referendum was not binding ?

Democracy has to be defended, against those same claiming that they bring it to us [6]. That is not the way it should go. Democracy is a bottom up mouvement. Even though all of those people take care about democracy. Now (take) act !

[1] for the following of the draft TCE ratification, in French as well as in English

[2] those links bring a precautiously saved version of the page as it was published at that time, in order to witness the facts and modifications-still awaiting to be upload on my server, thanks for understanding

[3] direct access to article IV-443 in English and in French

[4] as stated by the treaty on the EU, Maastricht 1992, article 48... but just because of good sense for such an issue !

[5] at that time, in fact, they already had update the page twice, and would still not have corrected it

[6] Like in a summary of the draft TCE by the Commission, just after its release in June 2004... see last page (out of 15, .pdf)

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