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Summary table

Procedures planned for the ratification of the European Constitution

Some of the information in this table is subject to change. In particular, certain Member States might decide to hold a referendum.


Parliamentary (Nationalrat and Bundesrat)

Approval by the Nationalrat 11 May 2005.

Approval by Bundesrat 25 May 2005
1994: accession

Parliamentary (Chamber and Senate + Assemblies of Communities and Regions).
Indicative referendum ruled out

Approval by the Senate: 28 April 2005.

Approval by the Chamber: 19 May 2005

Approval by the Brussels regional parliament: 17 June 2005.

Approval by the German Community Parliament of Belgium: 20 June 2005.

Approval by the Walloon regional Parliament: 29 June.

Approval by the French Community Parliament expected on 19 July.

Approval by the Flemisch regional Parliament (no date)
Cyprus Parliamentary

Approval by the House on 30 June 2005

Czech Republic

Referendum probable
But no final decision so far

Referendum should be postponed to end of 2006-beginning of 2007 2003: accession
Denmark Referendum

Previously scheduled on 27 September 2005

Now postponed (no new date)

1972: accession
1986: Single European Act
1992: Maastricht Treaty (twice)
1998: Amsterdam Treaty
2000: euro

Referendum unlikely
Debate in Parliament confirmed for Autumn 2005. Public debate should however be held before the final vote. 2003: accession

Debate of Parliament previously scheduled in autumn 2005 and ratification envisaged in the end of the year or the beginning of 2006.

Decision of report of ratification process and presentation of a report to the parliament foreseen in autumn 2005.
Consultative referendum:
1994: accession
France Referendum

Referendum 29 May 2005 negative (NO: 54,8%; turn out: 70%) (to be officialy confirmed)

1972: enlargement EEC
1992: Maastricht Treaty

Parliamentary ( Bundestag and Bundesrat)

Approval by Bundestag: 12 May 2005.

Adoption by Bundesrat: 27 May 2005.
But the Left parties submitted a joint proposal for a referendum
Approval by Parliament: 19 April 2005 NO
Parliamentary Approval by Parliament : 20 December 2004 2003: accession
Ireland Parliamentary + Referendum

Referendum postponed.

A White paper would be presented in September 2005.
1972: accession
1987: Single European Act
1992: Maastricht Treaty
1998: Amsterdam Treaty
2001 and 2002: Nice Treaty
(Chamber and Senate)
Approval by the Chamber on 25 January 2005 and by the Senate on April 6th. Consultative referendum:
1989: possible draft Constitution

Approval by the chamber on 2 June 2005

2003: accession
Lithuania Parliamentary Approval by Parliament 11-11-04 2003: accession
Luxembourg Parliamentary (two votes) + consultative referendum

Approval by the Chamber (first reading) on 28 June. Referendum (confirmed after the European Council) on 10 July 2005.

Vote of Parliament expected before 20 July 2005. Start of the debate scheduled on July 6 2003: accession
Netherlands Parliamentary (First and second Chambers)+ consultative referendum

Referendum 1 June 2005 negative (61,7%, turn out : 63%) (to be confirmed later)

Poland Referendum probable

The Parliament should decide on the ratification procedure on 28 June. But the President already announced the postponement of the likely referendum that was envisaged on 9 October 2005 (along with presidential elections).

2003: accession
Portugal Referendum

Referendum previously scheduled for October 2005 along with the local elections (preliminary revision of the national constitution adopted by Parliament on 22 June 2005)

Government wishes to postpone the process (no date fixed).
Approval by Parliament: 11 May 2005 2003: accession
Slovenia Parliamentary Approval by Parliament: 1 February 2005 2003: accession
Spain Parliamentary (Congress and Senate) + consultative referendum

Referendum 20 February 2005:
76,7% in favour.
Turnout: 42,3%.

Approval of the Congress on 28 April.
Approval of the Senate on 18 May 2005
Sweden Parliamentary
No referendum envisaged at this stage

Presentation of the Ratification Bill previously scheduled in Summer for approval in December 2005 has been postponed.

Consultative referendums:
1994: accession
2003: euro
United Kingdom Parliamentary (House of Commons and House of Lords). + referendum

Parliamentary ratification process suspended (suspension announced by UK government on 6 June 2005)

1975: Continued membership of the EC

Updated: 04 July 2005


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