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Graduated from the Public Management Institute’’’, in Aix-en-Provence, I’ve been working as a trainee for Mehr Demokratie’’’ [1] in 2005 and I wrote a monitoring report on the 2005 French referendum on the ’European Constitution’, according to the IRIE criteria for free and fair referendums [2].

Mehr Demokratie is a founding member of “democracy international”’’’, a growing network which promotes democracy over europe, thanks to the support of partner NGOs in european states [3], and publishes their contributions.

The French referendum monitoring report I have released, with and thanks to Ronald PABST, has been proofread by Paul CARLINE, Percy ROHDE, Frank REHMET, and then published on November 17, 2005.

One of the basic tasks consisted of sorting out informations from the .html press review database I have [4] made according to the set of criterias.

I also conduced a published survey’’’ to find out indicators of the intensity of the French debate : I ended up with the figure of more than one million books sold about the European Constitution.

Besides, I have been investigating on the way our public institutions have been handling the democratic principles while providing the people with official information. I found out some relevant cases proven to be deliberate disinformation making.

-  Links ! Here you will find official and most reliable sources for democracy monitoring and for the assessment of the draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe : legal matter sources ; european treaties and constitutional texts ; polls data ; analysis standards and reports...

I invite you to contribute to this database whenever you believe a credible source has its place here, by using the following forum. Thank you.

[1] Mehr Demokratie is an NGO promoting direct democracy in Germany and further. Its website, in German’’’

[2] Similar in this way to the Spanish referendum monitoring report’’’

[3] Democracy international’s partners’’’

[4] The French referendum press work’’’

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